Smartsheet Integrations for Adobe Creative Cloud

Find, review, and update assignment details, create proofs, and request feedback without leaving your Adobe Creative Cloud tool of choice. Available for Photoshop, XD, Illustrator and InDesign.

A more seamless solution for creative work execution

The Smartsheet integrations for Adobe Creative Cloud empowers creative and marketing teams to collaborate on assets. Offering visibility and context within the environments they’re most productive, they can effectively produce high quality content at scale.

Designers and other creatives

Designers and other creatives

Find,review, and updateassignment details, upload content to proofs, manage versions, and request approvals without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud.

有限公司ntent reviewers

有限公司ntent reviewers

Review and discuss content; provide specific, annotated feedback; and record approval decisions in the Smartsheet proofing environment.

Project managers

Project managers

Plan, assign, track, and review on content production directly in Smartsheet.

How to get it:

Integration installation and setup how-to

The Smartsheet integrations for Adobe Creative Cloud are available for free, but you must be a licensed Smartsheet user on a Business, Enterprise, or Premier plan, and have a license for Adobe Creative Cloud.

安装过程取决于管理广告obe installations for your account.

Managed by yourself

Head over toour listing in the Adobe Exchangeto install the extension for InDesign and Illustrator.

Managed by an administrator

To add the Photoshop or XD plugin through the Adobe Creative Cloud Marketplace, follow the steps provided by Adobe inthe Packages section of the Admin Console overview. Access details about the Smartsheet integrations for Adobe Creative Cloud on theSmartsheet Marketplace.

If you’re an individual user on a plan managed by an administrator, please contact them for information on how to get access to the extension.

Step-by-step instructions

Read thecomplete instructionsfor how to install and set up the Smartsheet extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.